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5th Generation Family-Owned Business

Granstrom Farms was established in 1908 and has grown everything from cows to chickens, and alfalfa to organic corn. Hear Grandpa tell the story below of how our family came to settle Nebraska. Then find out what we do today! 

Granstrom Farms
Donny Baker

Granstrom Farms


At 14 years old a young John Granstrom was sent by his family from Sweden to America to find work. Eventually, he found his way to the midwest and a wife along the way. A few kids and 3 generations later, Johnny inherited the farm from his dad, Buster. Now Johnny's son, JJ, is in charge and has recently brought his daughter on board to join in the business of running the family farm.

Over the last 50 years, Granstroms have managed a large cattle operation, grown and sold alfalfa in almost 40 states, and most recently made the big transition to organic farming. Big risks were taken and lessons have been learned, but today they have over 10 years of knowledge and data about large scale organic farming. 


Today we have an amazing team of people who are the roots that allow us to grow, and have been there like family and supported us through all of our new endeavours and crazy ideas. We appreciate the village it takes to progress this farm and look forward to see how Granstrom Farms will continue to blossom.


Granstrom Farms pays their employees not just a minimum wage but a LIVING wage and provides them with modern cutting edge equipment to operate on the farm. We encourage family time and taking care of personal health, and the environment. 

When possible the farm works with local vendors like; mechanics, parts, seed dealers, millwrights, and locally manufactured irrigation systems (pivots) to stimulate the local economy.

Every year we want everyone to know how crucial they are to us, and how much we appreciate them so we started an annual harvest party.