What makes our water management system so high tech? 

- Electric Pivots

- Flow Meters

- Variable Rate Irrigation

- Drop Nozzles

- Remote Monitoring and Control

- Corner Systems

- Automated Control Panels

What information do our soil probes provide?

- Moisture content at multiple depths in soil

- Salinity of soil

- PH of soil

- Moisture in the air

- Weather including tempurature and wind

The future is here! Have you ever seen a tractor drive itself?

- Auto Steer

- Straighter Rows

- Automatically start and stop row units

- Maintain consistent speed

How is Granstrom Farms organic grain storage different?​

- Sensors distributed throughout the bin

- Tracks temperature and moisture

- Bin Capacity

- On-site scales

Is the newer equipment more efficient?

-  Eco boost Ford F-150s use higher percent of renewable ethanol fuel.

- Tier 4 rated tractors burn less fossil fuels and filter emissions more effiently.


Water Management Systems

A way to irrigate, track water usage, and manage it efficiently to avoid runoff and waste.

Soil Probes


Equipment used to collect and monitor data about growing conditions and located in the field.

Global Positioning Systems & Telecommunications


Devices programed into the tractors and equipment that uses GPS make every pass through the field the most efficient.

Grain Management System


Technology that helps improve grain quality and reduce spoilage during long term stoarage. 



Safe and reliable equipment help reduce wasted time materials, and updated equipment help reduce carbon foot print.


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Solar Charged Fuel Trailer

The farm fuel trailer is equipped with a solar panel to power the fuel pump.